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Credit Repair Is Possible - Here's How To Do It

Credit is essential nowadays. If you have bad credit, it is often difficult to rent an apartment, purchase a home, or get any form of credit loans at all. Having good credit is important in today's time.

Many of us believe that once we have bad credit that we have to live with for at least seven years. Rest assured that this is not true. If you have defaults on your credit report, it is possible to have them removed.

The first step is to obtain copies of your credit report from the three major Credit Reporting Agencies - Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax.

Your credit report is not just a record of how you are currently managing your credit accounts. Your credit report is a history of everything you are doing with your credit now, and everything you have done in the past.

The credit reporting agencies, also known as, credit bureaus receive your personal information through the same lenders who grant you credit. The credit bureaus list this information on your credit report, and then sell it to credit grantors who wish to review your credit history before they decide to grant you credit.

Once you receive your reports from all of the agencies, review each report carefully to make sure that all the accounts belong to you. If you see any errors on your credit report make sure to take care of it right away by disputing the error with the Credit Reporting Agencies.

By law, when you dispute an item, the Credit Reporting Agencies are obligated to investigate the error.

If the error or negative information is found to be false or unable to be verified, it must be deleted or changed to reflect the status that you claim it should be.

There are many resources available on the Internet. It is up to you to research the marketplace carefully to find the best guides and resources that would lead you in the right direction to fixing your credit report.









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