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Credit Card Debt Ė Some Remedies

If you have credit card debt, then donít just bury your head in the sand and hope it all takes care of itself. If you do this, the problem will only get worse. While it can be difficult to face your debts, the earlier that you do so, that you accept them and accept that you have to deal with them, the easier it will be for you.

There are certain basic steps you can take to cure your credit card debt and not all of them have to be painful or drastic.

The first thing you should do is take stop. Assess the situation as a whole. Look at your debts, how they are constituted and how much interest you are paying on them. Then look at any savings you have. If you do have savings, then perhaps it is time for you to use them. It makes little sense to be saving money and earning four per cent, while at the same time you are paying out twenty per cent on your debts. You should classify your debts according to priority with the debts baring the highest interest being the ones you aim to pay off first. If you have other debts such as on your utility bills, or mortgage arrears, then this is more serious and you should probably seek advice from a profession adviser or your local Citizenís Advice Bureau.

Target all of your energy and resources at clearing the debts with the highest interest first. Once you have done this, then direct your attention at your lower interest debts. Of course while you are concentrating on the highest rate loans, you will have to at least make the minimum payments on your other cards.

If you think that you will not be able to clear your debt in this way. Then consider taking out a secured debt consolidation loan. These are only available to home owners but offer a good way of clearing your debts. What you can do is take out a debt consolidation loan that will charge a significantly lower interest rate than what your credit cards charge. This means that a far higher proportion of your repayments will be going towards clearing the balance, rather than just contributing to the profits of the credit card company.

Credit card debt is becoming a bigger and bigger source of stress and as borrowing rates continue to rise, this problem will only grow. If you are concerned about your debts, seek advice from someone you trust and donít ignore the problem till it grows too big to handle.









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